The Fault in Our Stars – A Poem


I wrote this account about two and a half years ago at a time when I was absolutely smitten with The Fault in Our Stars, the book, and The Fault in Our Stars, the movie. That’s not only in the past, though. I still am obsessed with this story. The book has influenced me like no other in recent times. The last time I was raving this fanatically about a book was when I read Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less.

About The Fault in Our Stars, I was so touched and influenced, that I rustled up a poem on this absolutely wonderful story. Though I might not be a pro at recreating beautifully told prose into poetry, please know that the poem is heartfelt. 🙂

As a child with a million impossible dreams, I looked up to the skies,

As my eyes found the brilliant stars, I let out a series of wondrous cries.

I called out to my Dad and asked him to pluck out one or two fistfuls,

He said those stars are too far, and this life too small, and I wondered why he looked so wistful.

I talked to my Mom and clung to her tight, as she held me to her bosom,

As my mind found the reasons why I grew up, my mind really started to blossom.

I called out softly and asked her how she felt as I gradually started to grow up,

She answered that she was proud and that she couldn’t contain the happiness that threatened to blow up.

But I hardly saw the pain that dwelled deep within her, such loving gazes she held,

As Dad held her hand and strove to explain, it was then that the angst I beheld.

I embraced her with as much force of love and support that I could consciously muster,

It was then that I knew why my Dad seemed so wistful, for God was out to test her.

I had met him that day when they’d said I needed help, that I needed people like me around me,

And I could constantly feel those feelings of love that were beginning to surely surround me.

There was peace, there was love and then there was more, as I couldn’t live longer without him,

But life was never fair, nor was it happy, and the light in his life grew dim.

The tears won’t stop rolling, my heart won’t stop aching, yet I stop slaying myself,

For I did me a favor by falling in love, how can I ever be repaying myself?

And this night I lay, clutching him to my chest, I lay on the dewy grass,

It is then that I realize that the fault is not in me, but it is just in those bright blue stars.

“Okay, Hazel Grace?”


Disclaimer: I do not own The Fault in Our Stars. All references here are made to the book, The Fault in Our Stars and to the author, John Green. Thank you, John Green, for giving us such a wonderful and a meaningful book. 🙂

Picture Courtesy: Tumblr.

P.S. A version of this account was previously published on my other blog, The Mind Travelogues.

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2 thoughts on “The Fault in Our Stars – A Poem

  1. The Poem is so beautifully worded and the meaning it conveys leaves a very deep impact on the reader. These poetic expressions of Sonali Dabade are simply awesome.


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