Secret Superstar – A Brilliant Movie About Dreams And Reality

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When the trailer for Secret Superstar came out some time ago, I had pegged it as just another second film of a promising actress. I had thought that she would do a few movies like this, steadily losing ground until she faded into oblivion. But Zaira Wasim is not on this list. I have no idea about the future but right now, she is as far away from this as is possible.

And I have the feeling she is not about to climb on anytime soon.

Secret Superstar is the story of Insia Malik, a schoolgirl who is passionate about singing and is fiercely protective of her mother, Najma. Insia’s father is not proud of having a daughter. He treats her as nonexistent, while showering all his love on his son, Guddu. His treatment of Najma and Insia comes to the point where they breathe a sigh of relief every time he has to travel out of town for work.

It is in such an atmosphere that Insia has to pursue her dream of becoming a singer. Her mother is supportive to the point of selling her jewelry to buy Insia a laptop. So when Insia wants her voice to reach out to people across the world, she has to find out a way that will keep her father from finding out. It is then that Najma comes up with a master plan: for Insia to record her videos in a burqa – a plan that catapults Insia into almost instant fame.

But how will she be able to get where she wants to be? Will disgraced music director Shakti Kumar be able to help her? Will he turn out to be more than what he shows himself to be? How will Insia balance her dreams and reality?

Secret Superstar handles a girl’s journey from dreamer to fame in realistic situations with so much panache that it is difficult not to fall in love with it. Every character, right from Insia to her teenage love interest, Chintan, from Najma to Guddu, and from the despicable father, Farookh to the shady Shakti Kumar, everyone gives in a stellar performance.

The movie warms your heart, makes you laugh your heart out, makes you cry with its touching song on a mother’s sacrifice, gives you goosebumps, and most importantly, sends multiple messages that can very easily be gleaned if you’re paying attention at the right time.

Secret Superstar reiterates these points:

  1. Physical abuse is NOT okay. Never. In any situation. You know this even if it didn’t tell you, but how it tells you is the point I am stressing on.
  2. Not everybody is as they are made out to be.
  3. Mothers sacrifice A LOT for their children. So much that it is impossible to repay that debt.

Aamir Khan’s role as Shakti Kumar brought to mind a certain music director who has the rather annoying knack of clubbing and rhyming the most inane words. In his over-the-top, sparkly, irritating way, Shakti Kumar makes you laugh and makes you smile. And I would say that even though I am not exactly a fan though I don’t mind his acting, I am glad he placed faith in the movie and brought it out.

All in all, the movie could have turned into one of those forgettable, never-seen ones that get forgotten in the annals of Bollywood history. But it did not. And I’m glad it turned out the way it did.

To Zaira Wasim, Aamir Khan, Meher Vij, and Raj Arjun, here’s a huge, huge thumbs up!

Rating: 4.5/5 stars

P. S. I chopped off half a star because I wanted Farookh Malik to get his comeuppance in a more satisfying way. Sorry for the kind-of spoiler. 😀

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