Justice League – Enjoyable But Has Lot of Room For Improvement

First off, let’s get one fact out of the way. I’m a sucker for good superhero action films. If you can get me a little wit, a little sass, lots of well-choreographed action, and a little humor in one film, then I’m down hook, line, and sinker. And Justice League does that very well for me.

Watch the trailer for Justice League here:

Of course, it’s no Thor: Ragnarok, because that’s unparalleled in my opinion. But you get the general idea.

Justice League is very, very enjoyable to the point where you can ignore the fact that there’s not much of a bigger picture in it. It all comes down to the team of superheroes fighting together to bring down the bad guy who’s threatening to end the Earth. In fact, he claims he is the end of the world. I don’t think he took into account the six badass superheroes who were ready to take him on to save the world.

[Come on, you knew this was going to happen. It’s just a question of how, not a matter of if the world was going to be saved. :P]

The CGI was believable, the unexpected humor was well-placed, and the little revelations that were scattered throughout the movie made it all the more enjoyable.

However, throughout Justice League, I couldn’t shake off the feeling that DC was trying very hard to emulate Marvel in all aspects. Some witty, some snarky superheroes, overenthusiastic newbies, over-the-top but connected-to-the-story villains, undermining the villain’s henchmen, competitive superheroes – the list doesn’t seem to end.

While we’re at it, the soundtrack, too, makes an appearance on this list. While Thor: Ragnarok turned to Led Zeppelin, Justice League turned to The Beatles to their closing for them. But why worry when it all paid off in the end? All’s well that’s ends well, I guess?

The second best part of the movie for me were two superheroes: The Flash and Aqua Man. Yes, Wonder Woman is wonderful, but the freshness of Ezra Miller as Flash and the hunkiness and ferocity of Jason Momoa as Aqua Man overpowers even the strength of the fierce Amazonian princess.

The best part of Justice League is Superman. The most beloved of all DC superheroes, Superman got nothing less than the most excited of whistles and cheering in the theater. Not to forget the sass that he added in this movie. Henry Cavill is amazing as Superman and inculcated every change admirably. His entry got goosebumps crawling up my skin!

Justice League is lighter than its predecessor films (with the exception of Wonder Woman). While Batman vs. Superman and Man of Steel brought all the somberness into themselves with just a hint or two of humor, Justice League made us laugh. And I cannot help but observe again that DC might be trying to glean their comic inspiration from Marvel in a bid to go head-to-head with them.

The sad part is that DC doesn’t seem like it is going to catch up to Marvel anytime soon. There’s a lot of work that they have to do to pull the franchise up. Just a generic superhero-beats-bad-guy might have worked in Justice League, but it simply might not be enough for upcoming movies. The characters need to have layers – something that Marvel has been doing admirably for years now.

But hey, why fall into further comparison when we can enjoy this movie? We’ll have time for retrospection and probably an overhaul that will bring more sunlight into the DC Universe. Until them, Justice League is several steps ahead of BvsS, though a couple of notches lower than Wonder Woman.

Final Verdict:

Justice League makes up in fun quotient what it lacks in depth and innovation. The CGI and action sequences are remarkably awesome. Ezra Miller is phenomenal as The Flash. So until the next time we see this badassery again, let’s hope they’re only climbing the ladder and not sliding backwards and downwards.

Rating: 4/5 stars

P.S. 1.5 extra stars for the fun, humor, and action.

Picture Credit: StarluxCinema.com !

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