Travel Thoughts, Dreams, and Wishes!

There has hardly ever been a day that has passed in which I haven’t dreamt of breaking free and hopping from one continent to another without a worry in the world. I have dreamt of snowy landscapes of the Himalayas to urban epicenters like Times Square to quaint little villages in the corners of Greece or Italy. I have dreamt of weightless travel and tensionless zipping from one city to another. I have dreamt of a lot of things, yet I know that there are many dreams that will be left unfulfilled, for how many places can I actually “definitely go” to?

There is only so much realism that a person can work with. Beyond it, every thought and every word spoken is a dream, dripping with the hope that you can scrape through life with every last penny on you and yet live all your dreams. If you are ready to accept that, then THAT is realism.

There are so many people who gave up their monotonous lives to see all possible corners of the world that they can fit into their lifetimes. They gave up all their belongings, city-hopping and experiencing a million cultures in the small amount of time that they have on Earth. And I envy them. They may not have a steady home or a steady source of income, but at least they are rich in experience. In the end, that’s what matters, doesn’t it?

There are some who fill their years with life by staying in one place and doing what they want to. And there are others who make moving around from one place to another and traveling their life, their years. Either way, Abe Lincoln was right. “It’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.” So does hanging in limbo really make your life worth living? Blurred vision is thy name, would be the sentence on the lips of whoever reads this (and I know it is a very small number).

Dreams hardly ever come true, and if they do, they are solely because of you. How hard can it be to give it all up and live your dream? It shouldn’t be so hard. Settling down is just a phrase used by people who have finally found what they love to and want to do in life. It may be working the sweat off in a single office for every day of your life, or by zooming around from place to place, from city to city, from village to village, in the murk, in the cold, in the heat and still loving the sound of your own footsteps.

Because, when you start detesting yourself, there is hardly a chance that you can get your life into the groove that you’ve always wanted. Until that time when you can do this, live with a foot on either side of the thin line. Have a foot in reality while the other caresses the ground in your dreams. And maybe then, your footsteps will sing a different tune than you had ever imagined.

So dream on.

Erase that frown.

Get up and go on.

Just. Don’t let the monotony catch up with you.

Travel into the greenery.

Travel into the blue.

Enjoy the scenery.

And more importantly, enjoy being you.

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