Oh, How Wonderful It Would Be!

Oh, how wonderful it would be if I could fly away,

Fly away into the sunset and breathlessly wait for a brand new day.

How wonderful it would be if I could find peace,

Breathing it in and smiling with increasing ease.

Playing in the waves of the salty waters,

Waiting for the tide to show up like a million marauders,

Exploring the mysteries of the dark, yet appealing caves,

Escaping the chills, the ills and the close shaves,

Relaxing on the domes of the colorful Greek islands,

Looking out to the blue skies and seas, where the waters dance,

Sheltering from the heat under a tropical banyan,

Or strutting amidst the ridges of the sweltering Grand Canyon,

Trekking through the green, dense South American hills,

Or experiencing the spraying waters and the Scottish chills,

Drenching underneath the swooshing waters of the numerous Indian waterfalls,

Or enjoying a hot earthen cup of tea at one of the many roadside stalls,

Sitting beside the lapping waters of beautiful mountainous lakes,

Or chuffing up the mountains, despite a gazillion slippery mistakes,

Sitting back in a boat in the delightfully calm backwaters,

Or setting up temporary residence in green, bamboo quarters,

Folding hands in solemn modesty at one of the many temples,

Or walking through a street full of vendors with tinkling bangles,

Staring at the giants, with eyes and senses riveted,

And walking through the heat, looking open-mouthed at the pyramids,

Watching the hopping of the energetic, alert kangaroos,

And trying to sneak a look at the young ones playing peekaboo,

Splaying hands through the rows and rows of colorful flowers,

Or awaiting on the green grass, those beautiful meteor showers,

Entering the valleys of love and listening to apostles,

Or skulking behind the mock-cannons erected in various castles.

Sipping through lemonade and passing through multiple arks,

Or going on safaris in famous national parks.

Why could all of this not be reality?

Is it written down with a word or two of finality?

Oh, all these places I would, if I could, go and see,

But right now, I’ll just wonder, Oh, how wonderful it would be!

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