Book Review: Falling in Love Again by Ruskin Bond

Here’s wishing everyone a happy, happy World Book Day! What’s a world without books? 😀 And what’s better a way to celebrate World Book Day than to talk about love and a very loved author called Ruskin Bond?

Bask Under Ruskin Bond’s ‘The Blue Umbrella’

Like I’d done with The Cherry Tree, I bought The Blue Umbrella when it was on sale. And just like The Cherry Tree, I fell in love with this book, too. Ruskin Bond is pure genius in his simplicity. His stories are simple, yet carry a message that resonates with every reader in some form or the other. While The Cherry Tree shows the positives that comes from patiently nurturing trees (or people close to you, if you’re thinking metaphorically), The Blue Umbrella shows the stark delineation between adult and children’s thinking.

The Cherry Tree – The Perfect Dose of Warm Nostalgia

The Cherry Tree is the story of a young boy called Rakesh who plants a seed and then watches it grow, amidst many obstacles, into a strong tree that gives shade and life. It is nothing out of the ordinary. But when Rakesh becomes ecstatic that the plant has taken roots, or when he becomes sad that animals have nipped off the leaves, you laugh and cry with him.